Refund and exchange

Refund / exchange of product within 15 days from the date of purchase.

If you have remained unsatisfied for any reason even a little, we can return new and unused product / product back. We are very concerned about the sterility of our product, so if there is no protective adhesive tape on the returned product, we will not be able to accept it.

If, upon the arrival of your product, you notice that the product is damaged, the equipment is incomplete or you did not order this product, contact us immediately so that we can resolve any of this problems.

How to make a refund or exchange of product?

1. In order to make a refund or exchange no later than 15 days from the receipt of the product, you need to contact the customer service and get permission and address from it.

In order to receive permission to refund or exchange, the product must meet the following requirements:

A) Product must be in original condition.

B) There should be no signs of wear or washing on the product.

C) The product should have original tags and an intact protective strip

D) The product should not have a specific smell (smell of perfume, deodorant, etc.)

2. If the product have received permission to return, then you should send it through the local post office (to avoid paying taxes) and attach the completed return / exchange permission form too. Please note that the responsibility for the loss or damage of product during transportation lies entirely with the client, so be sure to leave a track code in your possession to present it in an emergency.

3. Upon receipt of the product, we will immediately send you an email notification and complete a refund / exchange of product within 14 business days.

Note: we only return the cost of the product, it does not include the payment of duties, taxes or tariffs.