fashion cute white nude design one piece swimsuit body monokini transparent mesh high cut leg women’s swimwear bathing suits

Women’s swimwear, bathing suits "TOUCH SECRET» 2018.

Fashion cute white design one piece sports swimsuit body monokini "Tenderness", "Shine". 

Smart fashionable bright colour in combination with a transparent grid do this swimsuit incredibly sexual and at the same time elegant.Ideally fits a figure, very elastic grid allows ladies to take with smart forms on the size less. Solid swimsuit of a monokini with a transparent insert. High cut on his thigh visually lengthens the leg.

Fabric - Quick-drying polyamide.

Transparent elements - lycra nude (beige) for "Tenderness", white color for "Shine".

Lining - lycra, or very soft mesh.

Panties - "Brazilian"

Logo "TS" - Swarovsky crystals

Fashion white nude sports one piece swimsuit body monokini Transparent High cut