hot beautiful fashion exotic vintage dezigns retro two piece sexy swimsuit bikini thong high waist cut leg women’s swimwear

Women’s swimwear "TOUCH SECRET" 2018

Beautiful exotic sexy fashion designer vintage two piece swimsuit bikini "Collar". Very elastic. Halter imitation.


Bottom "Thong" or "Brazilian". 

High waisted. Very high cut leg. Tummi control. Sexy crotch.

Regulators on the front and back.

Ideali fits the figure, fits the buttocks.


Top - bandeau with long straps. You can tie them from the back, on the front in the ring (in a kamplekt with a bikini), on the neck.

Colour: White, or Beige - nude 

Best quality.


Fabric is Knitwear/Jersey.

Quickly dries up.

Bottom color: Black/White.

Top color: White or Beige

Lining: Lycra/Spandex
Logo "TS" - crystals Swarovski.

Hot beauty retro two piece swimsuit bikini High waist, cut leg Thong Brazilian