Sexy One piece swimsuit Thong monokini High cut leg bathing suit Cute sport black bodysuit High neck leather womens swimwear

Women's swimwear TOUCH SECRET 2020
TRUHANI series.

This is a cute black monokini with a high neck. Sporty style with high thighs and open buttocks does not constrain movement. The fabric looks like leather. There is a closure and a cutout at the back for your convenience. This design and stretch fabric fits your body and chest perfectly.

Colour - gloss Black*
The gloss black* color is visually similar to the leather.

The design of this bodysuit allows you to use it for a large bust size.

Fabric - very soft, pleasant to the touch polyamide

Size: XS, S, M, L

* marked corporate fabric and color. A fabric of this color matches the same fabric and the color of other items or sets with a “*”. Physical properties: transparency and color when wet, stretching, elasticity are identical.

Sexy black one piece swimsuit High neck thong monokini High cut leg bathing suit