Sexy high waisted bathing suit One piece brazilian high neck swimsuit Cute purple cut leg monokini Hot erotic Women swimwear

Women's swimwear TOUCH SECRET 2020

TRUHANI series.


Cute brazilian one piece swimsuit / High cut leg monokini 


Covered buttock design


For comfort this swimsuit has two buckles on the front. You can fasten them for swimming, or unfasten one or both, so that your image becomes sexier, or so that the swimsuit becomes more comfortable for your bust.


Colour - gloss Violet*


Fabric - very soft, pleasant to the touch polyamide


Size: XS, S, M, L


Hight quality

Perfect fit on body and bust and buttock.


* marked corporate fabric and color. A fabric of this color matches the same fabric and the color of other items or sets with a “*”. Physical properties: transparency and color when wet, stretching, elasticity are identical.

Sexy high waisted bathing suit Cute one piece swimsuit Hot high cut leg monokini